Let Him Tell!

One of the most beautiful parts of being a mother is fresh perspective on long-known truths. This morning Levi and I were talking about the Resurrection story when he woke up and crawled into bed with me. His view of a story is always priceless. This time he filled in some new information after the stone was rolled away. He said, “And then God rolled the stone away and the angels took the bad guys and hung THEM on the cross instead of Jesus!” I laughed to myself thinking about a few of the warrior angels asking God for just that. “You know that whole thing we had to watch on Friday? We have an idea now.”

But as I got ready for church and continued to ponder, I was suddenly hit with another idea. We’ve all had times where we had news we wanted to share with those we loved before it got out to everyone. I bet all the angels were busy that morning. Can you imagine the sheer heavenly force it took to give Jesus a chance to show us He was alive? To give the women and disciples an opportunity to see before they heard? It may have taken an angel for every rock, flower, tree, and bird to cover their “mouths” and to keep all of creation from crying out, “HE IS RISEN!”

If it were me, I think I would have wanted to stay right there with my Father and send my most beautiful, glorious messenger to tell “them” that I was happily back on my throne and they would know that if they ever listened or believed. Or perhaps chosen to let the earth bust loose and come apart at the seams with glory because death had been swallowed up in victory. “Let the rocks sing! They had their chance!”

But not our Jesus. No, creation and heavenly hosts had to wait while we heard the news. The very ones who ran, who misunderstood, who didn’t believe. Having personal appearance after loving encounter with those He loved because that is who He is. Because this is how we recognize that humble, precious King of Friday in our glorious, risen King of Sunday. Different circumstances, same Heart and Love that we cannot comprehend.

Whether we are currently in a Friday of pain or in a Sunday of revelation as He personally shows us who He is in our lives, He is King! Hold wherever you are out to Him and let Him pour His crucified, blood-stained, majestic, risen power over you until you too are set free! He is risen indeed!


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