All Else Can Wait

It has definitely been one of those seasons of not enough me and a lot of everything else. There have been some tears, some resignation, much discussion with God on what should take priority and what should be let go. Much decision on what can wait until after baby and what has to get done in the next few weeks. Much spiritual warfare against Satan’s discouragement and any accusations he would throw my way about not being enough, having more than I can handle, or not having enough strength. But tonight as I walked through my house after putting Mitchell down and saw each undone task, I ended back at my children’s bedrooms, listened to their quiet breathing, again felt overwhelmed with gratitude that God would pour out the grace on me to give me FIVE of His precious gifts, and this is what hit me.

Goodnight laundry, goodnight dishes.

Goodnight dirt and clean house wishes.

Goodnight jobs that “should have been” done.

And messes kids made while having fun.

They know they are loved. They know they are safe.

My day was successful. All else can wait.



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