A Day in the Life of a Homeschool Mom – 46-49

We've always done Scripture pumpkins for our "No Fear Party," but this year was our first to carve a pumpkin. I thought John did such a terrific job on our Calvary pumpkin! I wish I had gotten a good picture where you could really see it glowing. It was beautiful. Our Scripture pumpkin this year said, "Perfect love casts out fear."

We had food and snacks that matched our safari theme during our evening as well as a scavenger hunt between answering the door and passing out candy. Here's our safari guide eating his "lion sandwich" (a pita with seasoned ground beef and a cucumber/yogurt sauce) and "crocodile pond leaves (spinach)."

Our little elephant eating her "monkey bites" (sliced bananas). Then we had an "elephant snack" (peanuts and candy corn).

Our crocodile (who was going to be a monkey and changed his mind at the last minute) passing out the "safari treats." We also drank a little "tree bark tea" (apple cider with a cinnamon stick). They passed out every piece of candy so we just enjoyed our treats and had no leftovers. Yay!

Each year I seem to be disappointed with the pictures I take during our “No Fear Party.” I think it’s because I’m just too busy participating. 🙂 We spent as little money as possible this year and had fun piecing together costumes from what we had. Can’t do too much in the buying department when everyone is outgrowing their actual clothes and shoes right and left! We had a wonderful time, made lots of memories, talked to lots of neighbors, and our prayer is that we honored God as we remembered that we have NO FEAR because He is leading our journey!



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