What Are Those Critz Kids Saying Now?

“Hi!” says Mitchell.

Levi says he wants to say “Hi” too!

Silly mama, not,“Hi.” Maybe they’re saying, “Bye!”

Oh, you’re not waving? Five. Five? FIVE!

 …#5 coming April 2012. “

“Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good.
His love endures forever.”


5 thoughts on “What Are Those Critz Kids Saying Now?

    • Yes, I am! This is week 16. Feeling okay. Lots of nausea, but over this many pregnancies I’ve learned the tricks that help me keep it under control. Thanks for sharing our excitement! We’re due pretty close together, aren’t we? My due date is April 20th.

      • That’s great! Yes, I am 13 weeks along and due May 5th! I’m excited about having a spring baby!

        I’m glad that you have learned your body and know what helps you feel better! This second pregnancy I gave in and went on Zofran so I could function to take care of Abigail! Thankfully, I was only on it for 4-5 weeks and now I don’t need it anymore. It is was very helpful at the time though!

        So happy for your family! I’m sure the kids are so excited!

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