The Heart of Adoption

On Monday night, we left John V’s baseball game and took our little crew up to the airport. I think they thought we had finally gone crazy since it was bedtime. Levi just wanted to know where we were going on an airplane. Levi ALWAYS wants to go somewhere on an airplane. He is his mother’s daughter. But we weren’t going to leave on an airplane or even to pick up family members coming to visit on an airplane.

John’s work “family” has become just that in many ways. They spend time together outside of work, support each other in different situations, and really invest in each other’s lives. It is definitely a strong point of this small, growing company. So we were gathered there that night along with a good portion of the work crew and others of her friends to greet one of John’s coworkers as she returned from Africa where she had been on the incredibly special mission of collecting one precious baby girl who will from now on be her own, beloved daughter. It simply does not matter how many times I witness adoption, I cannot help but marvel at the heart of God being so evident in a situation. This tiny one is in need. She needs family, love, a home, comfort, protection, provision, nourishment, education…and the list goes on and on. God puts on someone’s heart, just like He did our friend, the desire and means to give those things to that tiny one, and they are put together. And when they came down that escalator toward all of us standing there cheering with signs of welcome, and hugs, and cameras going off like paparazzi, it didn’t matter that their skin is not the same color, they were not born on the same continent, or that there is no matching DNA in their bodies, that sweet mommy and her baby are now a family in the truest sense of the word. A family by love, commitment, choice, and in Christ. And there is no way you can keep the knot out of your throat.

As God would have it, another young family was there with their baby girl, very recently adopted. They were put in touch with our friend during the adoption process because they lived in the same city and adopted baby girls the same age FROM THE SAME ORPHANAGE! Miracles never cease. It was precious seeing the babies together knowing that they will be able to share as they grow so many similarities in their lives and situations.

And I am always overwhelmed that God would perform this miracle for each of us. No matter where He found us or in what condition. No matter what we have chosen up to that point or what mistakes we have made along the way. No matter if we look like Him or seem the furthest removed creature from the holiness of His Nature. He picks us up, says “Now YOU are MINE.” And that quickly our orphan, urchin status becomes one of royalty and righteousness. And I can’t ever help but think of the song we sang to and with the kids at a tremendous camp dear to our hearts for abused and neglected children. It applies to those children, to precious adopted ones, and to each one of us. His vast love and His heart to CHOOSE us! It never ceases to overwhelm. May your heart be full today of your CHOSEN status in Him, and may we always be ready to share His heart to choose others!

I will change your name
You shall no longer be called
Wounded, outcast, lonely or afraid

I will change your name
Your new name shall be
Confidence, joyfulness, overcoming one
Faithfulness, friend of God
One who seeks My face


2 thoughts on “The Heart of Adoption

  1. Courtney, when I saw some of your pictures on FB first I just had to check out the backstory of this adoption story….love the story of a single lady feeling the call to adopt a baby from another continent in need of a “family”….so precious to see the pictures of how her friends greeted them both! Love also that you ended this post with the “I Will Change Your Name”….anyone with ties with RFKC always hear that song in a special light!

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