Levi’s Book Review: Trusty Gets Off Track

Mom’s Review: Levi received this book and Trusty Tried and True for Christmas and they have become two of our all-time favorites. Lamplighter, founded by Mark Hamby, does the most beautiful job of restoring older stories, but this series is a new one that the Hamby family has written and beautifully illustrated. It is a series that teaches your children with vocabulary and a lesson that is appropriate for their ages but still pushes them to learn, grow, and develop their love for literature. I would recommend this to anyone with young boys. It is closest to Levi’s heart, but all the kids enjoy hearing it. Below is Levi’s review of the story:

I like Trusty and Papa Engineer. He crashed when he didn’t obey. He cried. He was supposed to get back on the track. He called for Papa Engineer. Papa took Trusty home.

Publisher’s Review: “Trusty is back! But instead of listening to the warning of Papá Engineer, Trusty chooses the path that looks easy and fun. Little does he know that what lies ahead is a breakdown and a crash. Why didn’t he listen? Will he ever get back on track? Little children understand how hard it is to listen and obey. The wonderful illustrations will reach their tender hearts as they join Trusty once again!”


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